About East

East Elementary proudly serves families from Head Start through 4th grade. With a focus on community and learning, we are proud to be a part of the Kings Mountain zone of Cleveland County Schools.

East students know that they come to school to learn. Our teachers make sure that all students learn. We believe learning is fun, and students are rewarded and recognized for good work and appropriate behavior. The school staff, student body, parents, and community, work together to help our students learn. Our goal in Cleveland County Schools is that all students, upon graduation, will be be enrolled, enlisted, or employed; it all begins with strong foundations here at East Elementary School.


East School is dedicated to working collaboratively with students, families, and the community to ensure that ALL children grow and learn.


To fully equip students academically and socially so they will have a strong foundation leading to graduation from high school and college.


Having a statement of mission is not enough. We must believe it and practice it. At East, it is evident that we are carrying out our mission. The following actions are being taken to ensure the success of our mission:

We are prominently displaying our mission statement.

We are implementing the NC Standard Course of Study and Essential Standards.

We are putting emphasis on higher-order thinking skills.

We are monitoring student data regularly and reteaching and reassessing, as needed, for student success.

We are using best practices, research based programs, and technology in our classrooms.

We are striving to increase our number of home and family communications.

We are working to build engaging family and community partnerships.

We are educating parents on the importance of attendance for academic excellence and success.

We are encouraging reading by using the Accelerated Reader Program; our PTO supports this through a rewards program.

We are encouraging student participation in Cub Scouts.